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US DOT Authority

If you are hauling over 10,001 lbs and are doing business for hire within the state that your business resides or if you are hauling private property across state lines you will need a US DOT Number. 

Motor Carrier Authroity

If you are over 10,001 lbs and crossing state lines for hire then you will need a Motor Carrier Authority, more commonly known as an MC Number. This can get a little tricky if you aren't sure what to do.

Certificate of Authority

After your authority has been granted the FMCSA will send you a Certificate of Authority. This can take a few weeks and you need it if you plan on dealing with Brokers and most shippers right out of the gate. I can get this one sheet wonder to you within the business day so you can start taking loads.

New Entrant Audit Prep

Within the first year you will have a what is called a New entrant Audit with the US DOT in your local state. Let us help you prepare be spelling out everything that you will need. Remember! Keep those logs clean!

Dispatch Training

After being a broker for many years and working for asset based companies I have seen a thing or two and know when someone is taking advantage of you. Take advantage of my knowledge so that you can get a kickstart in the transportation industry. As well, we know that one size does not fit all drivers and I will come up with a custom game plan to help decide what services are a fit for you.

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